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Jan 10, 2020

Join the nutritionists for expert advice on the best apps for meal planning, shopping, and meeting your health and wellness goals.  From allergies, saving money, and sustainability to weight loss, FODMAP and diabetes there's an APP for that!  

Eating Well Apps   

  • Yummly Meal Planner: scan food items to generate recipes, make shopping lists that sort by aisle 
  • Mealime: can plan according to dietary restrictions, recipes focus on eliminating food waste 
  • Seasonal Food Guide: tells you what’s in season, how to use produce, and fun facts  
  • HowGood: scan and get a product’s rating for its social and environmental impact.    
  • Seafood Watch: helps consumers choose sustainably sourced seafood  
  • ipiit - Food Allergy Scanner: shows green plus when foods are safe, makes recommendations  
  • Spokin Food Allergy Manager: customizable, includes aggregated reviews, community driven   
  • FODMAP Grocery Guide: provides a detailed list of low-FODMAP foods organized by aisle 
  • Giant Food: digital coupons, weekly sales flyers, recipes, rewards 
  • Giant Pharmacy: refill and transfer prescriptions 


Eating Management Apps 

  • My Fitness Pal: tracks diet and exercise to meet users' goals, recipe analysis, online community    
  • Fooducate: calorie, weight tracker that scans and rate foods A -D on nutritional value  
  • Lose It!: calorie counter, weight tracker, community activities and competitive challenges 
  • MyPlate Calorie Counter (LIVESTRONG): $  Provides meal plans, in-app workouts , 24/7 support 
  • Start Simple with MyPlate: (USDA) family friendly, sets goals for each food group, game-based  


Health & Wellness Management   

  • mySugr- Diabetes Tracker Log for blood sugar, carbs, bolus calculator, estimated HbA1c  
  • Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker. #1 rated, track blood sugar, meds, A1c, 12-week education plan 
  • Instant Heart Rate $  Heart rate tracker, monitor and save trends to monitor progress 
  • Smart BP: monitor blood pressure, weight and pulse and keep track of all the data.    
  • MySymptoms: $ comprehensive, track meals, moods, bowels, can share report with clinicians    
  • Bowelle: symptom tracker, bowel habits, food log, stress level, mood, track trends 
  • Monash University FODMAP Diet: $ comprehensive tracker for FODMAP, recipes, education