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Mar 22, 2019

Get an insider’s peek at the hottest products for Spring 2019 recommended by the Giant Nutritionist Team. From gut shots and acai bowls to Hawaiian tea and dessert hummus, #Gianthasit!

#GiantHasIt Nutritionist Picks for Spring

  • Willy's Fresh Salsa (in the refrigerated area of the produce dept)
  • Mann's Nourish Bowls, Pero Farms Organic Plant Protein Salad Kits, Taylor Farms Salad Kits, Dole Chopped Salad Kits (in the refrigerated area of the produce dept)
  • Chobani Less Sugar Greek Yogurt & Yoplait YQ yogurt (in the dairy dept)
  • Dole Acai Bowls (in the frozen fruit section of the freezer dept)
  • Farmhouse Culture Gut Shots in Ginger Beet & Garlic Dill Pickle (in the refrigerated section by produce)
  • Farmhouse Culture Kraut Krisps (in the snack section of the natural foods aisle)
  • Kiwi (in the produce section)
  • Chicken of the Sea Infusions (in the canned seafood aisle)
  • Shaka tea (in the bottled tea aisle)
  • Foodies Artichoke Burgers (in the vegetarian section of the natural food aisle’s freezer dept)
  • Schweid & Sons Prime Burger & The Beyond Burger (in the meat dept)
  • Barilla Chickpea and Red Lentil pastas (in the pasta aisle) with Sneaky Chef Pasta Sauce (in the natural food aisle, pasta section)
  • Boar's Head Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus (in the refrigerated section between produce and the deli)
  • Saffron Road Dark Chocolate Chickpeas (in the natural food aisle, snack section)